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Our class action practice focuses on remedying business practices that are harmful to consumers and other businesses. We have successfully changed the way insurance companies compensate doctors and other health care providers resulting in increased compensation. We have eliminated hidden charges to consumers whose lenders have imposed "forced-placed" property insurance premiums on them.  We have required businesses to change deceptive advertising practices.


The goal as in all fraud cases is to get the victims back as much of their losses as possible. Typical recoveries in these cases range from 10-30%.  We represented more than seventy investors who collectively lost $190 million investing with Fort Lauderdale lawyer Scott Rothstein, who ran a Ponzi scheme fraudulent investments in structured litigation settlements. Our team recovered over 95% of losses, interest, and attorneys’ fees, through actions against Rothstein’s co-conspirators, including multiple financial institutions, law firms and accounting firms.


We successfully represented a New York investor and his closely held corporation in a $2.5 billion dispute with his CEO (and nephew) over the proceeds of the sale of his oil and gas venture. After the sale, his nephew, a 10% shareholder, sued in multiple courts, claiming that he was a general partner of the venture and entitle to half of the proceeds. We defeated the claims entirely, obtained sanctions against the nephew for discovery abuses, and realized a favorable monetary settlement of our client’s counterclaim.


We represented a prominent Florida law firm which was sued for malpractice relating to a resort development. We successfully argued that the investors’ claim was legally defective, resulting in a favorable resolution of the claim, including a joint statement  acknowledging that the law firm had done nothing wrong and that the law firm effectively represented the client at all times.