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KTT is a complex commercial litigation law firm in Miami that focuses its practice on bet-the-company
commercial cases, class actions, healthcare and bankruptcy matters.

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We leverage +30 years of proven results in complex legal matters.

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Our extensive outreach efforts reflect our heart for giving back.

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We believe in reaching forward, helping our clients achieve more.

Case Studies


David Samole previously led a group of equity interest holders in the Chapter 11 case of TLFO, LLC in successful litigation to re-characterize approximately $23 million of a secured lender’s claim as equity, improving the equity holder distribution by millions of dollars.

Richard Lightsey and Jessica Cook

David Rosendorf represents South Carolina utility customers who had filed a proposed class action in connection with an abandoned nuclear reactor project in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC, which was contracted to complete the project.

Barry Mukamal, as Bankruptcy Panel Trustee

Barry Mukamal is a panel trustee for the Southern District of Florida.  He was appointed as the Chapter 11 Trustee of American Resource Management Group, LLC/Resort Release, a group of timeshare exit companies.

City of Coral Gables 2018

Cori Lopez-Castro represents the City of Coral Gables in many of its high-profile matters, including representing the City in defending its ordinance banning polystyrene.

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