Miami Law Class Action and Complex Litigation Forum Recap

KTT attorneys were at the forefront of this year’s Miami Law Class Action and Complex Litigation Forum

Last month, the fourth annual Miami Law Class Action and Complex Litigation Forum brought together some of the country’s most distinguished judges, attorneys, and academics to discuss current topics and issues associated with multi-district litigation and class actions. The all-day event was divided into four panels: major takeaways from “New Waves of Mega Liability Litigation”, the pros and cons of multi-district litigation, ethics issues in large-scale litigation, and hot topics in class actions and MDLs.

Leading the first panel, KTT’s founding partner, Harley S. Tropin, kicked off the forum with lessons learned in opioid cases, the $400 million Jay Peak Ponzi scheme, and other recent litigation. Our very own Benjamin J. Widlanski shared his insights during panel three on “Ethics in Private Investigations: Doing it Right.” From the Southern District of Florida, key speakers also included the Honorable Roy Altman, the Honorable Darrin P. Gayles, and the Honorable Robin L. Rosenberg, as well as Eleventh Judicial Circuit Judge William Thomas.

“Miami is at the epicenter of many significant class action lawsuits. It is critical that Miami Law holds this conference to address the important and novel issues that regularly affect the cases in our district.”
-Harley S. Tropin