Manuel Marín, empresario cubano acusado de asesinato, enfrenta ahora una demanda civil de la viuda de la víctima

Daisy Lewis Holcombe, widow of Camilo Salazar, the man who was murdered in June 2011 in Miami, has filed a civil suit against Manuel Marín and other relatives of him for “compensation for damages.”

According to documents to which the Efe agency had access, the woman – former couple of Cuban businessman Manuel Marín who has been accused of sending Salazar to death, filed the complaint last Friday.

In addition to Manuel, one of the founders of the popular chain Supermarket President, also included in the lawsuit his son Yaddiel Marin, 32, who “acted in place of his father as vice president and partial owner” of the aforementioned chain.

Another defendant is María Marín, mother of Yaddiel and the first wife of the businessman.

“The last seven years have been very difficult for the whole family: they lost a father, a son, a brother and a husband in the most atrocious way, and we will seek a just and quick resolution to our claims so that the family will finally have the closure that he has expected, “family lawyer Benjamin Widlanski said in a statement.

The Cuban has been accused of planning the murder of Salazar, 43, whose body was found on a road outside of Miami. According to police reports, the body showed signs of being beaten, tortured and burned.

On June 1, 2011, Marín “with the help and support of numerous accomplices kidnapped Camilo Salazar, beat him (…), drove around the Everglades, tied his hands, burned his genitals and cut his throat” 22 pages demand.

The document also states that the crime was supported by multiple accomplices, including “agreements to finance” his escape from the country.

Manuel had discovered months before his partner, Jenny Marin, had an affair with Salazar, with whom he had a relationship before marrying him.

The Cuban “threatened Jenny and Camilo several times” (…) and, after rejecting the petition for divorce that his wife had proposed, Marín, finally, “planned, coordinated and participated in the plot” to kidnap Salazar , According to the document.

In the crime was allegedly also involved Alexis Vila Perdomo, medalist in wrestling at the Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996), Roberto Isaac, trainer and promoter of fighting and Ariel Gandulla, fighter of mixed martial arts, who remains free in Canada because to which the US is extradited It is complex for being a citizen of the Island.

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