Ex dueño de Presidente Supermarkets acusado en demanda civil de muerte por negligencia

By David Ovalle

Manuel Marín, a wealthy businessman from Miami who was the owner of the Supermarkets chain Presidente Supermarkets, awaits trial in a criminal court accused of planning the murder of the lover’s secrets secret.

But now Marín is politically accused of death by negligence.

The heirs of Camilo Salazar, whose ship was discovered on a rural highway in western Miami-Dade in June 2011, have demanded Marin. Police say that Salazar, 43, was hit hard, cut his throat and burned his groin.

The civil suit also accuses Yaddiel Marín, his son, who the prosecutors say that he kept his father for the years he was in Spain, and for María Marín, the mother of Yaddiel. The lawsuit alleges that the mother and son helped Manuel Marín move money before the murder “enanticipation of the crime” and were “key and necessary participants” ensuhuída of the law.


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The lawsuit was filed at the end of the week in the name of Salazar’s widow, Daisy Lewis Holcombe, and her two children.

“The last seven years have been incredible, difficult for the whole family: they lost a person in the most brutal way,” family lawyer Benjamin Widlanski said in a statement on Monday. “We are going to seek a just and rapid resolution of our claims to allow families to go ahead with their lives.”

Salazar, of Coconut Grove, was world champion of Ultimate Frisbee and member of the St. Stephen Episcopal Church. But I had learned to see Jenny Marín, an old girlfriend, and the two had a secret relationship that began at some point after 2008.

But Jenny Marín was married to Manuel Marín, who discovered the relationship and included them in a café, according to the prosecutors. Jenny Marín wanted to divorce and refused to reconcile with Manuel Marín, which led him to kill Salazar, according to the lawsuit.

Homicide detectives say that Marín, 64, recruited a boxing promoter and two artesian fighters to help him kidnap, torture and kill Salazar on June 1, 2011. Three days later, Marín took his ticket and fled to Europe. . The key evidence: last night, according to the police, Marin’s mobile phone was used in the same area where Salazar’s body was later discovered, and toll records indicated that he drove near the same area.

Up to the moment they are arrested: Alexis Vila Perdomo, former bronze-bronze medalist in the fight against a short race in the MMA. He is accused of conspiring to kill (Police say he helped coordinate and plan for Salazar’s death while he was in Las Vegas training for a fight.

An accomplice, Roberto Isaac, was also arrested under allegations that he helped perpetrate the kidnapping and death of Salazar. Another former MMA fighter, Ariel Gandulla, has also been charged with murder, but he lives in Canada, which has not extradited him.

Manuel Marin was arrested in the United States embassy in Madrid, several months after the Miami Herald reported initially on the allegations against him. He was extradited to Miami in November and is now in prison for trial.

Before Marín was involved in the murder, President Supermarkets identified him as a property owner. Since then, the chain has said that it only owned some of the group’s supermarkets.

But according to the demand, Marín was a key part of the chain. “At the time of the murder, Marín was vice president and owner of Presidente Supermarket Inc., and other related companies,” the lawsuit states.

According to the demand:

▪ A week before the murder, Marín opened a joint bank account with his son Yaddiel and deposited “a substantial amount of money”. At the same time, Marin gave Yaddielsuparte on the property a $ 14 millionmansion on Palm Island; the other side was María Marín, supreme wife.

▪ Yaddiel, described as “a 25-year-old who left the university studies,” received a legal power over his father’s issues and became vice president of the President Supermarkets chain. He also sold the Palm Island property and used the money to buy a $ 7 million home on Pine Tree Drive in Miami Beach.

▪ María Marín “travels frequently out of the United States” and returns with reglados for Marin’s children of her matrimony with Jenny. The gifts have been “chosen and paid for by Marin”, according to the demand. And while he was living in Madrid, Marín frequently withdrew from the bank account he had with his son.

Yaddiel, who was a promoter in the restaurant chains The Pincho Factory and PokeBao, is not involved in the murder. But he has been accused of cover-up.

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