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Discovery Nightmare: Simple Request Sparked 3-Year Dispute for Miami-Dade Lawyer

By Raychel Lean
January 20, 2021

When Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton partner Javier Lopez agreed to defend a Coral Gables barbershop owner against accusations of tortious interference in August 2017, he had assumed the litigation would be straightforward.

But he was wrong. 

“My client was not someone that was going to be bullied,” Lopez said. “I think, a lot of times, lawyers forget that OK, maybe we have 15, 20 cases, but every case is the most important case for that client. It’s all-consuming. It takes over their lives. They dream about it. I dream about it too. And we’ve got to remember that we are helping these folks, in many instances, during some of the worst parts of their lives.”


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