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Attorney Compensation, Arrest Booking Photos: Florida Governor Signs Bills Affecting Lawyers

By Michael A. Mora

June 22, 2021

The Florida governor signed nearly 45 bills into law on Monday, with at least five that will impact the legal profession.

Among the new laws is CS/HB 625, which requires lawyers to provide a set of disclosures to the personal representative or trustee in probate or trust administration services if the attorney intends to charge a fee using the statutory fee schedule.

Javier Lopez, a partner at Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton in Miami, said transparency is always a win for attorneys in their profession.

“The takeaway is you better have lawyers that know what they’re doing,” Lopez said about CS/HB 625. “In these types of bills, you see an excuse or harmless-error exception. But the bill does not seem to have that exception. So if the lawyer does not make these disclosures, the attorney may not be paid for his or her legal services without prior court approval.”

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