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New Entrants, Remote Work Tilt South Florida Playing Field Toward Associates

By Alexander Lugo Feb 13, 2023 Although Florida firms may generally be flooded with resumes on any given week, they’re mostly careful who they choose out of the pile, said Benjamin Widlanski, a partner at Miami’s Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton. Click here to read the original article. Click here to read the full PDF.

FTX’s Ray, Battling To Avoid Outside Probe, Faces Court Bout With Trustee

By Maria Gracia Santillana Linares and Nina Bambysheva Feb 04, 2023 Judge John Dorsey could decide to both appoint an examiner and let FTX and the unsecured creditors run their own investigation, says David A. Samole, partner at Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton, a Miami law firm that specializes in complex commercial litigation. Click here to […]

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Big Law’s Arrival in Florida Has Created a High Tide That Floats All Boats in Town

“It really turns into a win-win for everyone because there is a space in the market for everyone,” said Kristin Drecktrah Paz, a partner at Miami-based boutique firm Perlman, Bajandas, Yevoli & Albright.

Following ChatGPT Hype, South Florida’s Lawyers See Promise in AI Boom

“People come to where the money is. Miami is where the money is. And a lot of the money has poured into new tech and startups, and there’s going to be a lot of that with AI,” said Tal Lifshitz, a Miami-based tech lawyer.

You Make Your Own Experience: An Interview with Tal Lifshitz, J.D. ’12

The 2012 graduate, who is an expert in complex litigation, cryptocurrency, digital asset, and blockchain, reflects on his Miami Law experience and dispenses sage advice to current and prospective students.

BlockFi Motion To Allow Withdrawals For Some Customers Poised For Success

Cryptocurrency lender BlockFi seems to have the law on its side as it asks for bankruptcy court approval to allow customers to withdraw funds from its Wallet Accounts.

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Broward’s Vera Cadillac Accused of Wild Escalation of Actions After Totaling Family’s $100K Escalade

“What Vera Cadillac, its counsel, and the defendants did to this young couple is one of the grossest disregards of the law and ethics I have come across in 17 years of practice,” said Javier Lopez, a partner at Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton.

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For Crypto Attorneys, FTX Bankruptcy Is a ‘Black Swan Event’

Class action defendants are attempting to rewrite longstanding principles of personal jurisdiction, trying to defeat certification of nationwide classes by arguing that a court lacks personal jurisdiction over out-of-state class members’ claims where the defendant does not reside in the court’s forum state.

Modern Luxury Miami features Javier Lopez

Modern Luxury Miami magazine features Javier Lopez in its October 2022 edition.

Broward man and ‘Mother Theresa’ accused of raising $196 million in a Ponzi scheme

Filings by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Justice Department accuse a Fort Lauderdale man of getting $6.5 million of the $42 million defrauded from investors via a Ponzi scheme run through a North Lauderdale woman’s company.

She was 69. He Was Young, Hunky—and a Fraud.

Love scams hit a record high last year, with fraudsters fooling lonely hearts into sending their life savings in hard-to-recover cryptocurrency.

Meet the Guy Uncovering Crypto’s Biggest Thefts

Ian Balina was reviewing initial coin offerings, the crypto industry’s equivalent of an initial public offering, live on YouTube in 2018 when a hacker emptied around $2 million worth of cryptocurrency from one of his wallets.