Robert Angueira, as Panel Bankruptcy Trustee

Robert Angueira is a panel trustee for the Southern District of Florida Bankruptcy Court. He was appointed the Chapter 7 trustee of Leonidas Ortega Trujillo, a debtor subject to a $600 million judgment in favor of the Interamerican Asset Management Fund (the Republic of Ecuador) arising from fraud in connection with the failure of Banco Continental, Ecuador’s fourth largest bank. The Debtor’s family was at one time one of the wealthiest families in Ecuador. On behalf of the Trustee, the firm filed a complaint against the Debtor, his son, and various companies controlled by the Debtor seeking a declaration regarding the Debtor’s ownership of the companies under various theories. The firm persuaded the presiding judge to recede from her prior judicial position and convinced her that the Trustee of an individual debtor should be permitted to pursue an alter ego action against third party companies. Cori Lopez-Castro led the trial team on this matter, which took place over 10 days; this is very rare in bankruptcy court.  The Court has not issued a ruling.