Melanie Damian, as Receiver of Onix Capital, LLC

Cori Lopez Castro and David Rosendorf represent Melanie Damian, as Receiver for Onix Capital, LLC (Onix) and a number of Relief Defendants (“Receivership Entities”). The SEC  initiated this action against the Receivership Entities alleging that Onix and others violated the anti-fraud provisions of the federal securities laws by fraudulently raising millions of dollars from investors based on material misrepresentations. David and Cori have represented the Receiver in her efforts to (a) investigate and bring claims the Receivership Entities have against third parties; (b) negotiate and implement resolution of competing claims arising from a parallel Chilean insolvency proceeding; (c) implement a distribution plan that was ultimately approved by the district court; and (d) liquidate receivership assets for the benefit of investors who were defrauded by Onix.