MCM Bodily Injury victims

Cori Lopez-Castro and David Rosendorf represent the individuals who were injured or are the personal representatives or family members of individuals injured or killed (collectively, the Plaintiffs) as a result of the collapse of the pedestrian bridge which had been constructed to link the Florida International University campus to the City of Sweetwater (FIU Bridge).  Magnum Construction Management, LLC f/k/a Munilla Construction Management, LLC (MCM) was the contractor on the FIU Bridge.  There are presently twenty lawsuits against MCM and others filed in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court seeking damages from MCM and others as a result of the collapse of the FIU Bridge. Cori and David are representing the collective interests of the Plaintiffs in MCM’s bankruptcy case, including obtaining insurance proceeds from applicable carriers and assisting with the implementation of procedures for allocating the proceeds from MCM’s insurance policies among the Plaintiffs.

MCM files Chapter 11 in aftermath of FIU bridge collapse

Construction firm reaches $42M settlement for FIU bridge collapse