International Oil Trading Company, LLC / BTB Refining, LLC / Harry Sargeant

“In mid-2015, a judgment creditor asserting a $38 million claim filed an involuntary bankruptcy proceeding against International Oil Trading Company, LLC, a company owned by Mr. Sargeant which had been a government contractor transporting and supplying fuel to troops during the second Gulf War. The judgment had been the subject of a dispute that had been ongoing for nearly a decade. Mr. Throckmorton and Mr. Rosendorf defended the contested involuntary bankruptcy and ultimately in late 2016 successfully negotiated a settlement of the underlying claim, resulting in the dismissal of the bankruptcy. Mr. Throckmorton and Mr. Rosendorf also continue to serve as bankruptcy counsel to BTB Refining, LLC in the Chapter 11 cases of Trigeant, Ltd. and affiliates in connection with ongoing indemnification claims under the confirmed Plan which resulted in the payment of $52 million to BTB. “