City of Coral Gables

Cori Lopez-Castro represents the City of Coral Gables in many of its high profile matters, including in connection with a petition for dissolution filed in Delaware Chancery Court by the tenant of the Biltmore Hotel, a landmark historic hotel owned by the City. On behalf of the City, Cori Lopez-Castro intervened in the Delaware dissolution proceedings to protect the City’s rights under its lease and protect against any inappropriate disposition of the hotel. Shortly before the matter was to proceed to trial in the Chancery Court, Cori Lopez-Castro and City Attorney, Craig Leen, successfully mediated the dispute between the owners of the tenant entity. The case was voluntarily dismissed in August 2016 as a result of the negotiated resolution. Cori Lopez-Castro also represents the City in defending its ordinance banning polystyrene. Cori Lopez-Castro successfully obtained a final judgment in favor of the City entered by the Circuit Court in and for Miami-Dade County. The final judgment declares three Florida Statutes unconstitutional. The final judgment also determines that the City’s ordinances related to polystyrene regulation are valid and enforceable. The plaintiffs have appealed the final judgment.