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Common Law Negligence and Ransomware Attacks: An Old Tool for a New Job

In the Cyber Age, legislative and regulatory bodies must play a perpetual game of catch-up, chasing dexterous bad actors whose evolving tactics and capabilities outpace the legal response.

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KTT encourages its employees to vote!

KTT encourages its employees to vote!

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Litigation Trend: Hyatt Hit With Automatic-Gratuity Class Action in Miami Federal Court

The multimillion-dollar suit against Hyatt Corp. and its subsidiaries is part of a larger trend of hotels facing litigation over gratuity or service charges in violation of deceptive trade practice statutes.

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On the Rise: Javier A. Lopez

On the Rise: The Daily Business Review profiles managing partner, Javier Lopez.

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Both Sides ‘Taken by Surprise’ as 11th Circuit ‘Eradicated’ Incentive Fees for Class-Action Representatives

South Florida attorneys are against a majority viewpoint by a federal appeals court, which disallowed incentive fees for class-action representatives. Harley S. Tropin, the president of Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton in Coral Gables, said the ruling would not change class-action lawsuits where the class representative has the main motivation of reforming a practice.

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How South Florida Lawyer Jorge Piedra Helped Push for Miami-Dade’s New Civil Courthouse

Jorge Piedra helped push for Miami-Dade’s new Civil Courthouse by making it a mission to prove how it could boost our community’s economic engine.

Restaurants Say Structural Damage Unneeded In Virus Claims

Florida restaurants, El Novillo Restaurant Group are fighting underwriters over business interruption coverage which began from the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our client has the facts and the law on its side, as do all the other businesses with similar policies, “Benjamin Widlanski of Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton LLP, representing El Novillo, told Law360 on Tuesday. “We look forward to Lloyd’s of London being forced to honor its contractual obligations.”

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Fla. Board of Bar Examiners’ Inability to Structure a Sensible Bar Exam Is Indefensible

Benjamin Widlanski authors poignant commentary in the Daily Business Review regarding the Florida Board of Bar Examiners’ unstructured bar examination and the subsequent delays for thousands of unadmitted lawyers to practice in the state of Florida.

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‘We Know What They Did’: Wells Fargo Accused of Quietly Changing Mortgage Maturity Dates Nationwide

Benjamin Widlanski serves as the plaintiffs attorney in a putative class action lawsuit alleging Well Fargo Bank N.A of fraudulent mortgage maturity date changes across the country. 

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession: ‘We Can Do Better’

Cori Lopez-Castro and the Florida Association of Managing Partners talk diversity in the legal profession.

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DBR Announces 2020 Professional Excellence Award Honorees

Javier Lopez has been named an honoree in the category of “On The Rise” for the 2020 Professional Excellence Awards by DBR.

Fla. Restaurants Sue Lloyd’s For COVID-19 Coverage

Florida restaurants, El Novillo Restaurant Group proposed a class action focusing on entities suffering COVID-19 related losses in the non-essential hospitality sector.