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The Florida Roundup: Carnival’s Cuba Controversy, Broward Health, Modified Mosquitoes

The Florida Roundup looks at Carnival’s Cuba controversy, management trouble at Broward Health, and modified mosquitoes in the Keys.


PBS WPBT Channel 2 “Issues”

Javier A Lopez sits with PBS WPBT Channel 2.


Carnival Cuba Cruise Controversy

As relations between Cuba and the U.S. continue on a path towards normalization, Carnival Cruise Lines announced trips to the island beginning May 1st – but, there’s one problem.


Carnival retrasaría su viaje si Cuba no elimina ley contra cubano americanos

Coral Gables, Hialeah y Miami Dade hanrechazado la decisión de Carnival de seguir la ley cubana que no permite que los nacidos en la Isla ingres en vía marítima.

Lawsuit filed against Carnival, Fathom over Cuba regulations

Two prospective Fathom passengers filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Miami challenging not to allow them on a cruise bound for Cuba because they were born there.

Carnival: Cuba es la queimpideviaje de cubanos

Carnival: Cuba es la queimpideviaje de cubanos

Lawsuit filed against Carnival for agreeing to discriminatory Cuba cruise policy

Carnival Corporation’s upcoming voyage to Cuba has struck a nerve among part of Miami’s Cuban American population, inciting a federal lawsuit, protests and criticism from Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

Class action lawsuit filed against Carnival Corp. over Cuba’s discriminatory cruise policy

Tucker Ronzetti, of the law firm KozyakTropi Throckmorton, discusses the class action lawsuit filed against Carnival Corp. for allegedly violating civil rights by agreeing to Cuba’s discriminatory cruise policy.

Carnival Sued Over Cuba Ban on Nationals Sailing to Island

Carnival Corp. is being sued in Miami federal court over its adherence to Cuba’s policy that prevents Cuban nationals from arriving or departing the island by sea. NBC 6’s Steve Litz reports.

Cuba’s opening up to U.S. not without continued obstacles

While Miami Beach commissioners have voted against the establishment of a Cuban consulate in Miami Beach, there’s a new chapter opening in a cruise controversy and a policy that some are calling discriminatory.

Lawsuit: Carnival Cruise Won’t Take Cuban-born People Back to Cuba Because of Obscure Law

Carnival Corporation and its Fathom Cruise Line are getting sued for not letting Cuban nationals join the historic trips to the land of their birth, starting May 1. The defendants say they’re just following a Cuban law that prohibits nationals from returning by sea.

Demandan a Carnival en Miami por no aceptarcubanoamericanos en susviajes a Cuba

Demandan a Carnival en Miami por no aceptar cubano americanos en susviajes a Cuba.