Economic Eye On Cuba

August 29, 2019

SEC 10Q Filing By Carnival Corporation For Potential Impact By Libertad Act Lawsuits.

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Expert Q&A on Developing Issues in Blockchain Litigation

August 21, 2019

As blockchain technology becomes a common discussion within global commerce, Daniel Maland and Charles Throckmorton weigh-in to discuss growing issues in Blockchain litigation.

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As Cuba Lawsuits Heat Up, Not All Are Sold on Helms-Burton’s Promise

August 19, 2019

For Attorney Javier Lopez, Helms-Burton Lawsuits on Behalf of Families Whose Property Were Expropriated by the Castro Government, Are More Than Just About Money. They’re Personal.

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Florida Bankruptcy Judge Says Trustee Can Pursue Miami Businessman’s $600M Debt

August 1, 2019

Corali Lopez-Castro represented a bankruptcy trustee in one of the most complicated cases of her career.

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