The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida has appointed Bernice Lee as the Receiver over the following Receivership Entities: Location Ventures, LLC, URBIN, LLC, Patriots United, LLC; Location Properties, LLC; Location Development, LLC; Location Capital, LLC; Location Ventures Resources, LLC; Location Equity Holdings, LLC; Location GP Sponsor, LLC; 515 Valencia Sponsor, LLC; LV Montana Sponsor, LLC; URBIN Founders Group, LLC; URBIN CG Sponsor, LLC; 515 Valencia Partners, LLC; LV Montana Phase I, LLC; Stewart Grove 1, LLC; Stewart Grove 2, LLC; Location Zamora Parent, LLC; URBIN Coral Gables Partners, LLC; URBIN Coconut Grove Partners, LLC; URBIN Miami Beach Partners, LLC; and URBIN Miami Beach II Phase 1, LLC in Case No. 23-24903-CIV-ALTONAGA filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission against Rishi Kapoor and the Receivership Entities.

The SEC’s Complaint alleges that Rishi Kapoor used the Receivership Entities to operate a real estate investment scheme in violation of the anti-fraud provisions of the federal securities laws, among other things. Links to the Complaint, Order appointing the Receiver, and other court documents are available under the “Court Documents” section on this page. The Court has taken exclusive jurisdiction and possession of all assets of the Receivership Entities, and granted the Receiver, among other things, all powers, authorities, rights, and privileges possessed by the officers, directors, managers, and general and limited partners of the Receivership Entities.


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Location Ventures Receivership

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